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Hello everyone!

I have been blogging since the beginning of time, and I have been using a SLR camera for 35 years, BUT! I am new to the photo-blog world! I’ve been making excuses as to why or how I would go about it and truthfully,  I’ve been putting it off for at least five years… (I know uh?!). Nevertheless it is time, So if you see my style being a little bit out of whack, you will then know why.

I have a true passion for photography, but I must admit, I’ve neglected the areas of organization, when it comes to editing for me, has been both hideous and horrendous.  I have no problem editing for clients but I haven’t been keeping up with the self-library.

Oh well, I hope you understand, how some of us photographers are good at making pictures, however we need improvement in organizing our tons of database.

Before I dip into the real nitty-gritty of things I would like to offer some photography business and advice guidance I have found very helpful, thanks to other colleagues in the trade. I hope you’ll find these guides and tips useful in your own field.

As you will understand there are different types and we’ll find or better yet discover the world of photography together in all its might and glory, shall we?

With no further delay please give credit to who credit its due:

Photography Business Advice & Guidance

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Marketing Your Photography

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Photo Technique & Workflow Tips

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